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Home Inspection: 5 Common Issues Found

5 Common Issues Found In The Home Inspection


Many people do not now know what to expect during a home inspection, especially first time home buyers. So we put together a list of 5 common issues found during the home inspection. Some items on the list may seem like a very big deal, but a lot of the time these are manageable items that can be repaired or fixed.



1-Roof Damages1-stop home inspections homepage


The roof being a big ticket item on a home many buyers are concerned about the condition of the roof during the home inspection. It is not uncommon to see damaged shingles or cracked tiles on a roof like you see in the picture, even new roofs have cracked tiles a lot of the time. These damages can come from pressure cleaning, walking on the roof, or from natural wear and tear.







1-stop home inspections homepage

2-Outdated Electrical Panels



There are 5 panel brands that are no longer used today due to the issues they have had over years. Those being Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Sylvania, Stab-Lok, and Challenger. These panels come with a safety hazard aspect which makes them hard to insure.








Termite inspection3-Termites



Florida is the #1 hotspot in the US for termites. Termites thrive in subtropical climates that are warm and humid. Getting termite treatment and staying on top of it is important so that damages do not get too severe. A termite inspection is recommended to be performed annually on every home.











The hot and humid climate in Florida makes it easy for mold spores to grow. Which is why it is important to keep the AC at 77 or below at all times. Moisture damage is the top cause of mold. Any leak needs to be repair immediately.








Cast iron sewer pipe5-Cast Iron Sewer Pipes



Home built before 1975 are likely to have cast iron sewer pipes. PVC has since been the preferred material when realized that cast iron will corrode and fail over time. A sewer scope inspection is important prior to purchasing a home with cast iron sewer pipes to determine the condition of the lines. To see more info and signs of failing sewer lines click here.

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