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Termite Inspection

Seeking Professional and Dependable Termite Control Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Termites are tiny insects that can cause significant damage to your home’s wood structures. If you spot signs of termites on your property, immediately contact a termite control service. For those in or near Royal Palm Beach, FL, 1-Stop Home Inspections is your go-to solution. We bring vast experience in home inspection and termite control. Our owner, Michael Tibbetts, is a licensed WDO inspector in Florida under AmeriPro Pest Control, ensuring top-notch WDO and termite control services.

Why Termite Control Services are Essential

Whether you’re currently grappling with an active termite infestation within your residence, or you’re in the process of evaluating the condition of a prospective property purchase, our comprehensive termite control services are designed to accurately identify the presence of termites and implement targeted, effective treatments. This approach is pivotal in safeguarding the structural integrity of your wood-based components and fixtures, ensuring they remain free from the destructive impact of termites.


Benefits of Termite Control Services:


  • Effective prevention against termite damage.
  • Necessary for securing most FHA/VA loans.
  • Helps avoid expensive repair costs.
  • Maintains the market value of your property by protecting it from termites.
  • Addresses the threat of Drywood and
  • Subterranean termites, particularly prevalent in South Florida.

license/Id: WDO/termite ID Card : JE278669

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Every year, termites cause billions of dollars in damages across the US. Our WDO inspections cover termites, wood fungi, powder post beetles, and old house borers. Protect your Royal Palm Beach, FL home from these threats. Call our expert termite exterminators for professional termite control services and safeguard your property.

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