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What is a Four Point Inspection

A Four Point Inspection is an insurance report that is required on homes 25+ years old to determine the insurability of the property. The report gives the insurer a good idea of the homes condition by checking four important points. The 4 points of the home that are checked are:


1. Roof

Roof four point inspection boca raton

Firstly, The insurance company needs to know how old the roof is, the conditions of the roof, and how many years are remaining on the roofs life expectancy (5+ years is optimal). Anything less than 5 will make it more difficult to obtain a policy.


2. Electric

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Secondly, the electrical part of the inspection we are checking to make sure there are no hazards present with the electrical panels. I.e double taps, overheating, aluminum or cloth wiring, outdated electrical panels (Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Sylvania, Challenger, Stab Lock. Remediation is necessary for safety concerns and older panels.



HVAC four point inspection boca raton

Thirdly, the insurer needs to know if central AC is present, if it is in good working order, and how old  the units are. The most common defect found on the HVAC section of the report is a leaking AC unit.


4. Plumbing

Plumbing four point inspection boca raton

Fourthly, the plumbing is the most extensive section because there are multiple plumbing fixtures throughout homes such as the sinks, toilets, showers, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, and washer machine. The water lines are an important part of the inspection as well. We check the material, age, and condition of the water pipes. The most common issue found on the plumbing section of the four point is old water heaters, leaking sinks, or polybutylene water pipes.



The insurance company wants to see a home that’s in good condition and free of any potential hazards. If you are switching insurance companies are have questions regarding a four point, please give us a call!


Want to see a sample form? Click here.

To read more about the four point on our website click here.

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